Lamoille Economic Development Corporation
Employment and Demographics

The Lamoille Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is a private non-for-profit corporation sponsored by Lamoille County businesses and municipalities as well as the State of Vermont.  Our Mission is to strengthen the county’s economy through facilitating the creation and expansion of jobs and businesses and investing for the prosperity of Lamoille County communities.

Our services are available to all businesses in all commercial sectors whether they are existing businesses looking to expand, start-ups or businesses seeking to relocate to Lamoille County.

Lamoille County's assets include a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a firm sense of community, and many physical amenities. 70 million people, including those in the major metropolitan areas of Boston, New York, and Montreal, live within a 500-mile radius of the county.

Board of Directors

David Silverman, LEDC President, Union Bank

John Kingston,  LEDC Vice- President, Butternut Mountain Farm

Laurie Hammond, LEDC Treasurer, Turtle Fur

John Mandeville, LEDC Executive Director

Joe Hester Ingram, Smuggler's Homeowners Assn.

Sonja Raymond, Apple Tree Learning Center

Allen Horsley, Barr & Associates

Adam Lory, Poulos Insurance

William Kuhnert, Smuggler’s Notch Resort

Ron Elliott, Smuggler’s Notch Distillery

Sherry Lussier, Green Mountain Technology and Career Center

James Black, Johnson State College

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Latest News

The LEDC Board of Directors has chosen new Officers.

David Silverman, LEDC President, Union Bank

John Kingston,  LEDC Vice- President, Butternut Mountain Farm

Laurie Hammond, LEDC Treasurer, Turtle Fur

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Basic Selling Skills

Wednesday, November 19 2014, 9:00am - 12:00pm

 “Nothing happens until you sell something.” The sales department is the engine room of any business and success will always be limited without an effective sales effort. All other areas of your business can be working efficiently but without sales a business can’t succeed. This workshop will introduce participants to selling concepts that will help you sell your product or service more effectively.

Topics to be covered will include:
–Finding the right potential buyer

●Appointment Setting
–How to make contact with the prospect and secure the appointment

–Ensuring the prospect has a need for your product or service

–How to give the most effective presentation

●Overcoming Objections
–How to address concerns the prospect may have

●Closing the Sale
–Getting the customer’s signature on the dotted line!

●Following Up
–An often overlooked but essential part of the sales process

●Getting Referrals
–Finding your next customer from your last one

The workshop presenter is Phil Schuman, principal at the Schuman Group based in Vermont and
specializing in sales strategy development, customized training and consulting services.
Schuman has over 20 years of business to business sales experience including selling Toshiba copiers
in London and Boston and training sales teams for DHL Express in Manhattan.

Location : Community Room at Green Mountain Technology and Career Center in Hyde Park
Contact : Vickie Blanchard at , 802-728-9101
For more information call John Mandeville at 888-5640